"Children in need – Relief for Syria"


Since 2011, the Syrian civil war has claimed more than 430,000 victims. 9.5 million people have fled to escape from the resulting poverty, violence and misery. Roughly half of these are children and teenagers. More than 3 million Syrian refugees currently live in exile in neighbouring countries such as Turkey. Most of them are housed in camps and have suffered serious injuries in the fighting or bomb attacks, and are highly traumatised. One of the 24 refugee camps in Turkey can be found in Malatya, about 200 km from the Syrian border. This camp is run by the state disaster relief organization AFAD. After intense discussions and thorough preparation, the Otto Bock Foundation began implementing its long-awaited aid measures there in 2014. In 2015, the Ottobock Global Foundation took over the work. As project partner, the Turkish branch of Ottobock provides employees to support the foundation team. By setting up a mobile orthopaedic workshop, the Ottobock Global Foundation has enabled children and young people in Malatya and other camps to be fitted by O&P professionals. At the moment, the fitting of 60 children and young people is guaranteed. But the number of casualties is much higher. For this reason, the Ottobock Global Foundation is trying to raise more donations so that other young people may receive much needed help.



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