"Children in need – Relief for Nepal"


A devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.8 has hit Nepal in Southeast Asia. The quake, the strongest this region has seen in 80 years, has claimed 7,000 lives and injured 50,000 people. Clean water, sanitary facilities and food are in short supply. Many people are sleeping on the streets as their houses have been destroyed or they are afraid the buildings could collapse. But above all, one million children are suffering as a result of the catastrophe. They have lost family members and are facing their plight alone. They also have injuries which need to be treated. But hospitals are completely overwhelmed by the entire chaos. Medical care is already poor in the best of times. Illnesses and accidents are often a sentence to poverty for people in Nepal, as there is no insurance system to cover the costs which are incurred. How can children in this crisis situation be provided with the appropriate long-term care?! To this end, the Ottobock Global Foundation has launched the fundraising campaign “Children in Need – Help for Nepal”. Donations will be dedicated to providing children with medical technology fittings. Devices from Ottobock including prostheses, orthoses and wheelchairs will help them regain a degree of normality and quality of life.



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“Our goal is for the children to be able to process what they have experienced.
We want to give them hope for a better future.”


Prof. Hans Georg Näder
Founder of the Ottobock Global Foundation