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With the project "Children in need – Achieving great things together" the Ottobock Global Foundation has taken on a big job and responsibility. It is not always possible to provide aid on site. In order to implement large-scale projects successfully, careful preparation is essential. To help the local people and gain their trust, competent and reliable action is crucial. Initially, children and young people are often scared. They don't immediately understand what is happening to them when they are fitted with medical devices. The O&P professionals and therapists therefore have an important function: They have to adapt professionally and emotionally to each individual
patient, listen to them, encourage and help them to process the experience. They must also include the families intensively in the fitting process. Soon the children that receive fittings will be able to play again without crutches, and will no longer be reliant on wheelchairs. But they will require life-long support with medical devices. Children grow and their residual limbs change. This requires regular follow-up fittings to make adjustments to the socket and prosthetic components. With your donation you help us to do more than just restore the bodily functions of those affected.
We motivate young people to reclaim their lives.

Here’s how you can support us:


With a one-time donation or regular contributions

Help us to fit injured children with medical devices so they can regain their independence and quality of life. Every donation counts.


Donations instead of gifts

The next time you are celebrating an occasion, put a donation for “Children in Need” on your wish list rather than gifts.

We would be happy to provide you with a receipt for donations of EUR 200 and up. Please share your address details with us for this purpose. For lesser amounts, presenting bank transfer forms to the tax office is sufficient.

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